Crestor Honest Reviews

I had a high level of LDL. And for some reason, the drugs I took did not help me. Then I heard about Crestor. I went to my doctor and discuss if I can take the medication. I could not be happier. Crestor is like the gift I need. Though I experienced cramps, the benefits greatly helped me. Crestor is worth taking. It helped me have a better life and a good lifestyle.


Since I was diagnosed of being diabetic 3 years ago, I have a high level of cholesterol. My diet is very limited and I can’t eat the foods I wanted. I used other medications for my conditions, then I moved to Crestor. I started at 5mg per day. Then, I had my cholesterol level checked and to my surprise (as well as my doctor), my cholesterol level is normal. Though I get muscle pain some times, the effect of Crestor is indeed overwhelming.


I have been using Crestor for three years now and it totally helped my cholesterol levels to become normal. And it stayed there constantly. Crestor is like one of the best, if not the best, medications that I have ever used for my high cholesterol. Knowing that it helped me, I am now living a great life without any problems concerning my heart’s wellbeing.


I took Crestor for five years with 10mg dosage each day. It did the job of getting rid of high levels of cholesterol. Though there are side effects like joint pains, it is tolerable. Still, Crestor is a great medicine for me. My cholesterol level was at 248. Now it’s only 125 and I am now maintaining the use of Crestor. It really does the job of getting rid of too high cholesterol level.


I took Crestor and combined it with Lipitor. Of course, this combination was approved by my doctor. And I have to tell you this, it really helped my condition. I have a very high LDL level, but since I started using Crestor along with another med, I became healthier. I can feel it. I eat what I want to eat without ever having trouble with my cholesterol levels. This drug has become my best friend.


My doctor introduced me to Crestor because the other medications I used are not working after five years. At first, I was reluctant trying this particular med for my high LDL level. But my doctor insisted. A couple of months after taking it, I get positive effects. I have normal cholesterol levels. As of today, my cholesterol levels are still normal, which is why I am thankful for Crestor.


My doctor put me on Crestor 10mg to be used daily for two months. He also asked me to maintain a healthy diet and a vigorous exercise regimen. For the period of two months, my cholesterol level went down from 402 to 168. It’s a phenomenal record! Though I experienced joint pain, I can tolerate it, considering the fact that I run each day.


After 10 years of being diagnosed of having a high cholesterol level, I took Crestor. This medication is like the best drugs I have ever used for my cholesterol. It significantly lowered the level of my LDL. Even my doctor was amazed at how spectacular the results of Crestor were. By the way, I am taking 10mg of Crestor every day and it works well.


I suffered from a mild stroke three years ago. Luckily, I did not suffer from any effects coming from stroke. This has become a wake up call to me. Now, I make sure to keep my LDL at the normal levels . I use Crestor as my drug of choice and it was prescribed by my doctor. It helped me fight the effects if high cholesterol. With the right combination of lifestyle, exercise and diet, I was able to live my life efficiently. Also, thanks to Crestor, I get to have a better life.